Kadita, New Hero of Mobile Legends Is Inspired by Nyi Roro Kidul!

After Mobile Legends: Bang Bang presents Ghatotkacha as the legendary hero that comes from Indonesia, this time they were ready to launch one more hero comes from the myth of this country. The name of the hero that is, adapted from Kadita of Nyi Roro Kidul.

Hero Kadita itself was born from the magnitude of Indonesia's own community enthusiasm towards Mobile Legends. Moonton the players appreciated the Indonesia via ronce Kadita. Even more than that, Moonton had declared Kadita is the symbol of the development of eSports in ground water.

Kadita announced some time ago when it hosts an event called "MLBB Indonesia Conference: A Legendary Future with Indonesia." Dimaz Wiratama as Operational Manager explains that the Moonton had the latest hero it would have close links with the sea and of course the element used is water.

Although their origin is unclear, it is believed to be a Queen Kadita of the ruler of the seas. No matter his strength comes from the sea of nature. Further, Kadita later can be changed. From the previous one a beautiful Princess perfect be half fish, like a dugong.

The question of the role of Mobile in-game Legends Kadita: Bang Bang is still unknown. But this one hero specialty problem seen approaching a Mage character. Because she can do Control, Gank, and DPS. Much like hero Valir based element of fire.

Via video on briefly to the media, the crew look Kadita able to control the water and turned it into a strength-based Magic Damage and effects of Crowd Control that massive. A piece of the scene even shows Kadita is capable of crashing the enemy believed would produce the effects knock up.

Ohiya reserved this hero launch date still not described further. All the processes are still in the stage of testing the feasibility of in-game. But Moonton promised to unleash Kadita to the Land of Dawn in the year 2018.

One thing to note, Kadita later can be obtained for free by the players. Without having to issue a BP or Diamonds. There will be a special event to welcome the presence of Kadita of Moonton. So, in order not to miss the latest info reserved Mobile Legends: Bang Bang monitor continues to Gamehubs Indonesia, Hubbers!

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