10 evil people who Bully in the world So Even Anime

Where the most sadistic?

Usually in a story, the most cliche is whiz it is definitely defend that right, rarely lose, and never give up. It is indeed a story like that though corny but capable of providing its own impression for the fans.

But wait, when you get tired, you guys should know the fact that there are some unscrupulous bully in the anime guys. This swashbuckling plotted into a main character but instead of helping the weak, they are quite nasty really.

Even their hobby was killed and doing onar. Maybe just let us discuss one by one about 10 master of evil in the anime that should be known, gasss poll.

1 Light Yagami-Death Note

Light Yagami is a manipulator, liar, and a figure that selfish. He does not hesitate to Amane Misa love harness can achieve its purpose. With all the cunning, the Light is finally able to kill the rival that is L.

But before he became evil and a murderer, it turns out that Light has a mission that proved terrible also i.e. kill the corrupt officials or criminals who could not afford in the hands of the police. Since then he has finally become a continuity and even a threat to the world.

Oiya, the nature of evil and the ambisiusnya is supported by brain savvy in using the Death Note, the book that make it into the arrogant.

2 Lelouch-Code Geass

Just as crazy as compared to Light, also have Code Geass anime evil bully named Lelouch. Yes, the main character of this one cruel and became a figure that get lost. Lelouch originally have noble just as Light but then he forgot himself and even became criminals.

For the level of duplicity, Lelouch is a better figure than Light. He would do anything that could make the country into a profit while making himself a profit too. As a rebel, he indeed did a lot of good things, too.

But so far the majority of Lelouch more did a very terrible!

3 Tanya Degurechaff-Youjo Senki

Ask Degurechaff is a child who becomes the main character in the anime Youjo Senki. In the anime this Question was described as a boy who joined the military. But unlike the other characters, Ask this sadistic and cruel though he was a child.

In the rough figure and also would perform a wide variety of ways in order to comply with his ambition and realizing what he wanted. Although still small, the military in the anime is mostly relies on his thoughts.

In some situations an awful lot of events which is very chaotic in this anime. The little boy this one is indeed wonderful!

4 Hellsing Ultimate-Alucard

Alucard is a bound in an organization called Hellsing Organization. Well, here he has a boss but unfortunately, he is a figure who does not want to ruled. He is also a lot to do things not normally like to kill.

To achieve the purposes for which it is given and achieve his desires, he does not hesitate to kill people. Arguably even Alucard himself is present and was born as a murderer. More sinister, he is someone who loves and enjoy when killed.

Evil? Yes can say so.

5 Women's Group-Higurashi: When They Cry

A group of girls in the anime series Higurashi: When They Cry does have the side of evil. Yes, the protagonist in the anime is pretty much as they were ordered. Although the anime genre of comedy, but they incorporate elements of murder that is very strong here.

Each girl in the Group has a goal each and may just be ready to mutually kill each other. What is clear, they have their respective duties in any crime. The number of characters that comes into its own keseruan until the end of the anime is considered as an entertaining anime.

Though her face is cute-cute all Yes, but they will no doubt kill!

6 Lucy-Elfen Lied

Lucy is a character that attracted a lot of sympathy in Elfen Lied. But even so, the character this one is one of the evil master in the anime. Yes, Lucy is the main character in Elfen Lied but nahasnya, he did a lot of bad things including kill.

The most crazy is Lucy willing to kill children who are innocent only to achieve his goal. Morally, Lucy should be recognized is ill. He also often kill the bad guys. Of course doing a lot of murder is not a good thing.

With his reputation, it's no wonder when Lucy becomes one of the main characters of evil in the anime. All the brutality of which make the beautiful face of Lucy being feared.

7 Michiko-Michiko and Hatchin

Michiko and Hatchin Michiko series is a cunning figure. Yes, Michiko is indeed known as the figure who cares with Hatchin even he willingly saved him from the foster family, an evil and cruel. Certainly there is a purpose behind the noble attitude shown Michiko.

Yes, Michiko to Hatchin's father pursued vengeance which is personal. He was a criminal out of jail and often do various crimes.

8 Mercenaries-Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is one of the anime tells the unique reserved a group of mercenary. Now, therefore, this anime has a lot of character and character as they discuss a group. As their many mercenaries do whatever corresponds to the pay.

They can protect good people but could also kill the good guys. As a mercenary, they have a moral gray because sometimes good and sometimes bad. An awful lot of crime they have done only because of limited money.

9 Terrorists-Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance is an anime which tell reserved terrorists often do bombing everywhere. The group consists of Nine, Twelve, and Lisa Mishima, the third boy is extraordinary intelligent and often do chaos.

They kill the criminals or corrupt officials and tried as much as possible not to kill innocent people. Although the quality of thinking it as a hero but obviously damage they do could not be justified.

10 Eren Yeager-Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager in the early story was indeed a heroic soldiers to save mankind from the threat of Titan. But, its characteristics are then transformed into an evil figure. Yes, the main enemies in the Eren Marley Arc because it is considered against and many do evil actions.

Here Eren is regarded as a terrorist who wanted to declare war. The most egregious was that he could control the Wall Titan so Eren so feared.

It looks like that's 10 hotshot evil in the anime that should be known. All of the above characters are indeed positioned as a main character, but the difference is they do heroic action to the action of evil and against the law. Among the 10 of the character where the most evil?

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