Streaking Light Executables, these 10 facts About Admiral Kizaru!

Whether senyentrik the fact?

Admiral Kizaru Borsalino or is one of Admiral. Yes, Admiral-this one is one of the three greatest strengths Marineford war Navy.

Despite his rank, Admiral Kizaru very infrequently and only when certain moments he actually demonstrated. Well, this time the lanyquique.blogspot.com very interested to discuss the nih about the fact One Piece Kizaru.

Possible without further ADO that are too lengthy again, just let us discuss about the fact One Piece Kizaru. What is senyentrik his appearance or precisely mediocrity?

1 Facing A Lot Of Strong Opponents

As an Admiral, Kizaru certainly has enormous power and he is also the one who has the staying power of the body is incredible. Behind his very casual, laksamanayang this one turned out to have huge guts.

Yes, it is known that often fought with much Kizaru opposed strongly the Supernova, Whitebeard, Marco the Phoenix, and Silvers Rayleigh. Even he was able to withstand the attack of Whitebeard with just one leg and not injured when kicked by Marco.

He is also a figure that beware of being able to shoot many objects from a distance and was able to hear the Shirohige forces ship emerging from the bottom of the sea.

2 Pika Pika no Fruit eaters Mi

Pika Pika no Mi is a fruit that is eaten by Kizaru and became in fact the second. This allows fruit Kizaru transformed itself into a had the power of light. As with any other type of fruit Logia, physical attacks that are not coated Busoshoku Haki do not catch fire for attacking it.

With this fruit it has the speed of light and the attack as fast as light. His shot going even harder avoided by his opponent because it moves very quickly. With its light, he is also capable of creating weapons such as pistols and swords.

With her strength she no less cool than Akainu and Aokiji.

3 Laser Researched for Pacifista

Pacifista is a combat robot created by Dr. Vegapunk. Its form follows the physical from Bartholomew Kuma. For durability, this very powerful Pacifista and robots to attack, this one really cannot be underestimated!

He has the power of laser that can shoot and make a big bang. Lasernya based on the strength of Kizaru because it has the same characteristics. It is indeed not surprising that Pacifista such great powers namely the light from Kizaru, recalling one Pacifista has a budget like making one Navy warships.

The fact that this one is obligated to be known by the fans of One Piece of course!

4 Unable To Defeat The Silvers Rayleigh

Kizaru is a very strong bernyali and even when he was confronted with a Yonko as strong as Whitebeard. He was also able to beat panic and make the straw hat crew because he was about to kill Roronoa Zoro.

Lucky lives Zoro saved by Rayleigh laser Kizaru kicks by kicking up. This is where the legendary Rayleigh then restrained movement from Kizaru so the crew could blur straw hat.

Fastening Kizaru already assume that Rayleigh is a powerful and legendary figure. If it could beat him maybe Kizaru could Chase Straw Hat group

Oiya, he has a chance of capturing Rayleigh but it does not do so. After Four throws all the straw hat, Kizaru and Rayleigh apparently split up without continuing the fight. Because then Kizaru visible in Marineford with no serious injuries, and Rayleigh was not why-why.

That may be true, clear words Garp. To beat the Rayleigh it takes preparation alone, cannot be merely one Admiral only.

5 his rank in the Navy Stagnant

Kizaru was an Admiral who have rank equal to Akainu Aokiji and when he participated in the war of Marineford. Yes, the trio was a respected Admiral and Fleet Admiral Sengoku as the only course that is able to give commands to them.

After the timeskip, he is still the same rank along with Fujitora and Ryokugyu. Aokiji while getting out of the Navy, he still plays as a Rear Admiral. The difference is, now he is no longer ruled by Sengoku but by Akainu.

Yes, Akainu's former colleagues now boss Kizaru.

Kizaru on its own it's not got the recommendation from the Sengoku or other parties.

6 Inspired from Kunie Tanaka

The fact is apparently Kizaru model imitated the characters of Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka. During the still active in the film world, Tanaka has clothing, stature, and face similar Kizaru.

Borsalino name itself is played by Tanaka in the movie Truck Yako. In addition to the name, date of birth, owned Kizaru also same as Tanaka. ODA is indeed really cool apparently! Previous Aokiji also inspired from an actor named Japan Yasaku Matsuda.

7 The Names Of The Techniques Based On The Three Sacred Inheritance Of Japan

Yata no Kagami, Ama no Murakumo Yasakani no Magatama, and is three sacred inheritance of Japan. Yes, these attacks used in the great battle of Kizaru when facing the big war and Rayleigh Marineford.

For the Yata and Yasaka Magatama, this name is also the name that ever appeared in the series Naruto. The user is Itachi Uchiha guys. Does the fact that Itachi is Kizaru moved into One Piece and in disguise? hahah.

8 One Force with Akainu

Kizaru entered the Navy at the age of 26 years and he turned out to be a force with Akainu. While still a regular officer, he was often dubbed the monster by Akainu. It is indeed understandable why both often called monsters.

Kizaru and Akainu is the figure of a very powerful and very cruel. Specifically for Kizaru, he was willing to do a lot of things with a lazy lug-sadistic malasan typical Aokiji but with the same horrors Akainu. One Piece Kizaru facts of this one certainly worthy of being noticed by the fans!

9 Capturing the 500 people on the Sabaody

It is a terrible figure and the fact the next One Piece Kizaru would prove it. Kizaru never catch 500 people when he was in the Sabaody. Indeed when being there, arguably Kizaru many horrible things.

He even uses a terrible power just to catch a lowly member of the pirate class. Of course even though he is the Admiral, capturing 500 people is a thing that is crazy enough and certainly not easy.

But among 500 of these people, none of whom is 11 Supernova.

10 Motto Justice Unclear

Kizaru is a motto which has Unclear Justice or justice who has not yet been completed. Indeed this motto can be seen from his works that irregularities such as the straw hat crew failed to catch, no catch Silver Reyleigh, and let the Super Nova blur on the Sabaody.
In his office he wrote the motto on its walls. His writings are also great so people can see it.

It seems like that's the One Piece Kizaru 10 facts that deserve to be known. The fact is admittedly very wonderful and describe how strong and remarkably Kizaru. Well, from the 10th of these facts which according to you guys the most terrible of Kizaru?

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