Not Always Worn! This Currency in addition to the Belly of the World One Piece!

In addition to the Belly that is very universal, there is also the currency in One Piece that is different but still used! What's it? Check out here!

The belly is the name of the universal currency used in the world of One Piece. However, it turns out there is a currency in the other One Piece in addition to the Belly!

Earlier we've been discussing how Belly 1 the rupiah, which you can read here.

Well now we will discuss currencies in One Piece in addition to the Belly. There are indeed? Of course there is. Just like the real world, maybe the Belly is the depiction of the Dollar currency used in several countries.

However, there is another special currency used in certain countries, for example, if you buy something in Indonesia using the Dollar, not with dollars, can't dong? Well what are the currencies other than the Belly in One Piece?

1 Extol-Skypiea

Because it is not in the Mainland, as well as isolated from human underneath, then the currency here is also different.

Not the Belly, but Extol the exchange rate which is used as items in Skypiea. A group of straw hat when you sign in to Skypiea is regarded as illegal immigrants, as in "entrance", they couldn't pay 1 billion Extol. As a result they imposed fines and have to pay 70 Billion in order to Extol the status of references to revoked.

How kurensi Extol to the Belly? 10,000 Extol equals 1 Belly, which make 70 Billion Extol be 7 million Belly. Of course it is a great money and Sanji just to upset that much for money can be used to buy a lot of rice.

2. Gold-Wano

Another country that is isolated from the world of One Piece, i.e. the Wano. Wano State also has its own currency.

Here instead of using the Belly, but gold, or original language is kin (きん), which also means gold.

First appearing in chapter 915, currencies in the Wano was announced by someone to anyone who dared challenge the Urashima in Sumo.

Gifts for those who could beat Urashima is 500 gold. Unknown exchange value of gold to the Belly, but due to the 500 gold that can be used as a gift (which would have been great if there are people who participate in this Sumo sake) then more or less the Belly has a larger nominal.

3. Goru-Amazon Lily

Yet another country that uses his own money is indeed a country isolated from the outside world, that of Amazon Lily.

So what is the currency here? Because they don't know the outside world, the currency here is Goru.

Not known much about it, other than the fact that the Goru was the currency in One Piece in addition to the Belly, but it applies only in the Amazon Lily.

Because it is not known to many, then the value of the exchange rate are of course also not known, Yes.

4. Ryo Belly Special-Episode 4

There is a special episode of One Piece that has a backdrop of the places and stories such as the Edo era in Japan.

If you haven't watched the episode about the boss Luffy is set after episode 253.

Because it is set in the Edo era, then instead of the usual Belly used here, but Ryo Belly.

Ryo is the currency of Japan before the Meiji era, in the form of coins, and only coins or Gold Plaque, just like Ryo Belly in One Piece.

Uniquely, Ryo is also the name of the currency used in the setting of the Naruto world. Maybe if Naruto the Ninja world, because so are still using the old currency, although there are paper, not only coins.

That's the currency in One Piece in addition to the Belly I ever used, and three of the four still in use! What do you think? Please write your opinion in the comments field, Yes.

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